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Discovering Jerusalem, the Western Wall, and Samuel's Tomb

We left the courtyard of the Tomb of David and walked down a long, narrow passageway. Eli spoke as we walked. "I remember as a young guide in 1967, you could not reach the Old City because it was controlled by Jordan. We would take our tours up onto the roofs of buildings to see the top of Mount Moriah." He explained that back then Jerusalem was a divided city -- Jordan controlled one half and Israel controlled the other, and there was a dangerous 'no man's land' in between. Israel had military posts on the rooftops of buildings on one side of the street, and Jordan had posts on the rooftops on the other side of the street.

We stopped in front of an ancient stone building with an arched doorway a dome on the top. Pointing at the beautiful structure Eli declared, "This is the Room of Last Supper, also known as the Upper Room. What is the first rule about Jesus? That he was born a Jewish boy. The moment you deny that is the moment that you deny Him to be the Christian Messiah. Jesus is recognized by Christianity to be the Son of God and the Messiah -- which Messiah? The Jewish Messiah of course. There is no Chinese Messiah. It is declared by Christianity that He is the Jewish Messiah."

As we stood in the shadow of the great stone building Eli continued. "According to the New Testament, at the end of time -- no date is given -- all Jews will come back to Israel waiting for Jesus to come back. And then when we are back in Israel, Jesus will come back, and we, the Jews, will recognize Him as the Messiah. And He is going to lead us in the final war that is going to take place at the foot of Armageddon -- also known as Megiddo."

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