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Dallas Jenkins of The Chosen on 'Walking in Faith: The Peter, Paul, and Mary Principle'

"This book is so important, and Dr. Craig is the brilliant thinker and servant required to deliver it." — Dallas Jenkins, Creator, The Chosen. Order your copy of Walking in Faith: The Peter, Paul, and Mary Principle today!

Peter, Paul, and Mary: three ordinary people, but after an encounter with God, each chose to respond in faith and action – and through them, God changed the world forever.

In Walking in Faith, Dr. Craig von Buseck identifies a life-changing concept in three biblical scenarios: Peter following the call of Jesus to walk on the water; Saul’s encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus; and Mary receiving the message from Gabriel that she would bear the Christ child. He calls this insight The Peter, Paul, and Mary Principle.

Despite the risk to their lives, each of these biblical heroes chose to believe God – and to act on that faith. As a result, they stepped out of their simple existence and into an adventure with God beyond their wildest dreams. This same odyssey is available to anyone willing to do the same through this revolutionary concept.

By understanding and walking in this principle of faith, you can experience the fullness of God’s plan for your life. This book is written to help regular people understand the power and provision available to them through a life of faith – opening the door to victorious Christian living.

The Peter, Paul, and Mary Principle can impact seekers of all ages – from businesspeople and community leaders, to politicians, educators, parents, students, pastors, and missionaries – anyone who desires to please God and to experience abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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