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Wheels of Wisdom: How a Bicycle Journey Revealed Lessons for Life

CVB: How did you decide your bicycle journey across America needed to be a book? What was the motivation?

Debbie: During the bike tours we kept a blog. Every night after we finished bicycling, we came home and there were so many lessons that we learned. Tim summarized them into 52 lessons.

Tim: We actually published a book when we married at age 52. It was the first marriage for both of us.

CVB: Oh, wow! Congratulations.

Tim: Thank you. And then we took a trip across the country on bicycle. That was our honeymoon.

CVB: Wow. Which is a unique thing just in itself.

Tim: We published the book on that, which was basically a testimonial of how God brought us together and then that adventure. We liked touring so much that we went on two more tours. The third one was a fundraiser for the hope line, a teen outreach ministry of Dawson McAllister Association. We are both hope coaches for them. Because we were praying for that particular tour, there were just so many stories that had God moments tied to them. There were so many spiritual lessons that when we got back we knew we had to share this with people.

CVB: These lessons are basically daily devotionals. Why did you choose that particular format?

Tim: The first book was about us. It was a testimonial of what God had done in our lives. So a person reading that can see what God did, but it doesn’t come back and challenge them to ask, “How does this apply to me?” When we wrote using the devotional format, it gave us the opportunity to say, “Here’s what happened in this episode, and here’s what it means in a more general sense. How might this apply to you?” Then we give them three reflection questions to be able to think about.

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