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What Will Happen to People Who Die and Never Hear About Jesus?

The Bible contains certain teachings that are difficult for us to understand, yet they are mentioned so often in both the Old and the New Testaments that anyone who believes these writings to be God’s word cannot dismiss them. Grappling with these “hard sayings” is where faith truly enters the picture.

To begin to understand these things, one must start from the Scriptural premise that first, the God of the Bible is a loving and personal God; and second, He is Almighty. From the first premise, we can take comfort in knowing that whatever God does, it comes from a heart of love. From the second premise, we can understand that God is able to protect His revelation to us, so we can know that the Bible is true.

From there we can approach the challenging portions of Scripture with the assurance that they are motivated from a loving and all-powerful Heavenly Father.

So, to answer the question, “What will happen to people who die and never hear about Jesus?” we must honestly say that the Bible doesn’t spell it out. Each person must look at the doctrines of Scripture and draw their own conclusions.

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