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What is The Softer Side of Leadership? - with Dr. Eugene Habecker

Craig von Buseck: Having worked in many different organizations and having run my own organizations, I think the concept of the softer side of leadership is wonderful, but I don’t always see it in real life situations. Tell us what you mean by the softer side and how it can actually be applicable for people who are driven by the bottom line – and the need to have more money coming in than going out. How do you balance that softer side with the business reality?

Eugene Habecker: Most leadership books that you pick up deal with the hard stuff. You’re dealing with analytics, you’re dealing with financial statements, you’re dealing with strategic planning, and you deal a whole lot with leading teams and things like that. And I want to be quick to say that those are necessary in leadership, but my argument is that they’re not enough. Some people would say that the hard skills will get you the corner suite, but it’s the soft skills that will keep you there.


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