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We Are 'Linked' for Relationships

CVB: Let’s talk about your new book, which is about relationships – and it’s part of a series of books on the personalities.

Linda Gilden: The latest book is Linked for Couples. There are four books in the series. The first one is a general book, Linked: Maximizing Life Connections One Link at a Time. The second one is Linked for Educators. The third one is Linked for Parents. Hopefully through these books we can help make a difference in people’s relationships.

CVB: I want to talk about both the Linked for Couples book and the series. Let’s start with the series. What is it that you and your co-author, Linda Goldfarb, are trying to accomplish through these books?

Linda: When we first started this, we were both advanced certified personality trainers, but we felt that the material was hard for some people to assimilate and really understand. So our goal with this whole series was to make it simpler and more user-friendly for those who want to look at the personalities as a means of helping them grow their relationships.


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