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The Write Conversation: Make Writing Your Ministry

Edie here. Guys I've got to tell you, we have the MOST amazing contributors here at The Write Conversation, and it just keeps getting better. Today I'm announcing our newest columnist, Dr. Craig Von Buseck. This man has had such an impact on my writing life! He has inspired me through classes I've taken from him and from the way he lives out what he teaches. I know you're going to be as blessed as I am. Give him a warm, TWC welcome (and check out his newest book, Victor! The Final Battle of Ulysses S. Grant - info at the end of the post).

“Give me 26 lead soldiers and I will conquer the world.”

This famous quote has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Ironically, it has also been ascribed to Karl Marx. Both of these men succeeded in conquering the world with those 26 lead soldiers – the alphabet – for good and for evil.

The words we write have power and God can truly use them to change the world. As reformer Martin Luther said: “If you want to change the world, pick up a pen.”

I first sensed a call from God to help in changing the world during my senior year of high school. In those days, the members of my church youth group would sit in the balcony during Sunday services. I vividly remember many Sunday mornings when I could ‘see’ the biblical stories the pastor was preaching in my mind like watching a movie.

From those experiences I came to realize that part of my calling was to tell stories so that other people could ‘see’ the same things I had seen and know this God of love. I decided to pursue further education and enrolled in the Divinity School at Regent University with the purpose of becoming a pastor. I had been influenced by several pastors who were also writers – folks like Max Lucado, Jamie Buckingham, and Chuck Swindoll. So I immediately looked for a writing course to take as an elective. Everyone told me to take Bob Slosser’s class, The Craft of Good Writing.


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