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The Write Conversation: Curiosity and Passion - The Writer's Friends

Kind words from the talented DiAnn Mills: "When Craig von Buseck writes or speaks, I pay attention!"

As a writer of history and biography, I have found two essential keys to writing success – curiosity and passion. These two tools come into play from the choosing of a project until the submission to an editor or publisher.

Seeds of a Story

For me, the genesis of a project begins with curiosity about a story of interest. So much work goes into a writing project, whether it is an article, a nonfiction book, narrative nonfiction, historical fiction, or a biography. The writer must first find the story intriguing in itself or she/he may not want to commit the time and energy to finishing the project. If the writer doesn’t have a passion about the story, it is likely the general public won’t either.

This is where both curiosity and passion become indicators in the writer’s decision of which projects to pursue.

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