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The Causes of the American Revolution on This Episode of Stories & Myths

Learn the causes and effects of the American Revolution. What ironic event of American history took place on July 4th, 1826 - the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence? All this and more on this episode of Stories & Myths with Dr. Craig von Buseck and David von Buseck.

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Good evening. Good morning.

Good afternoon. We're so glad

that you could be with us once

again for Stories and Myths. I

am your host Craig von Buseck

and I am happy to be joined

this evening. uh by another co

host and now he didn't put his

last name down below. uh in uh

down below in the in the name

place but by looking at him,

you probably could that. This

is my other son, David von

Buseck and uh I am so happy

that David is able to join me

as co host tonight. Uh first of

all, hello, David. How are you

doing? Great. Doctor von

Buseck, how are you doing

today? Oh, you can just say

dad, that would be just fine as

well. Yeah, that seems better.

Well, good, good. I'm so glad

that you could join with us and

uh John C Farrell who is the

normal co host. had some family

things arise and he was not

able to be with us this week.

He said to say hello to

everyone in the audience. Um uh

but he will hopefully be back

with us next week but that

gives me the opportunity to

introduce another member of the

family uh because as you know,

Erin, your older brother was

the co host last week and uh

but I'm kind of happy that

you're here this week because

uh the subject matter is

something that you and I both

uh enjoy. um and that is uh

we're going to be talking about

the revolutionary war. We want

to say hello to Kelly Williams

Duncan who writes in that. it's

clear that he belongs to you.

Laugh out loud. Um we almost

look like twins. So, except

I've got the gray hair. This is

what I look like in 1989. See

that doesn't track because I

don't have a perm. Well, I

didn't have a perm in my perms

stopped uh in the early 80s.

So, um happily so Well actually

I think no, that's not true. I

had a wave in 88 but that was

the last one. my last wave but

at any rate, we're going to

talk tonight about the

revolutionary war, the American

Revolution but before we do,

tell us a little bit about you

what you're doing and uh and

you uh a keen interest in

history as well. That's right.

Uh right now, I am uh working

for Regent University. I work

as an admissions evaluator just

uh helping students through the

enrollment process uh which is

a really great uh it's a really

great thing to do. I feel like

I'm really helping people along

their way uh getting moved

forward uh but yeah, no, I've

had a uh an interesting history

for as long as I remember uh

now, a lot of that does come

from the musical 1776 and we're

going to talk about tonight.

Exactly. Exactly. Uh and then

also we've been to so many uh

colonial and historic sites

around the country. Uh I

honestly couldn't even count

them if I tried Yes, Uh it has

been uh something that has been

a family I guess you would say

it's one of the things that we

love to do and maybe it's

because I love to do it and you

guys got dragged along but I

think some of that passed down

to you as an interest as well.

Yeah, that's true. I've

definitely been