Stories & Myths: The JFK Assassination, Vietnam, and Watergate

Learn how the assassination of John F. Kennedy led to nearly 20 years of tumult in the United States, including Vietnam and Watergate on this week's Stories & Myths with Dr. Craig von Buseck.

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Good evening. Good afternoon.

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world. We are so glad to have

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Stories and Myths yet another

episode of Stories and Myths.

I'm here with the uh Seafair

and Captain John C. Farrell.

So, John you decided to go with

the nautical theme this week.

Yes. I am that I'm my heart is

with those people who are being

affected with the by the

hurricane. Um oh, that's what

it was exactly. Yeah. It's kind

of your way. authenticity comes

through in a beautiful way. I

want you to know II. I'm glad

you appreciate that and have

noticed that um no. well,

you're always stressing the sea

so I was like, I don't I don't

want to just be boring and put

AC so I spelled it out for you.

I'm kind of like a pirate that

way. I'm stressing the sea

Alright, now, moving on. Yeah.

You know that voice you just

did. Yeah. Let's not revisit

that. You don't like my pirate


No. Well, it it will come out

when appropriate but for now,

we'll we'll it needs some work.

It needs some work. My pirate

voice needs some work maybe It

sounds like you just woke up

after like a long slumber and

you're you have like a fun on

my ship. The red pearl Yes.

Yeah. So, did you ever get that

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Did you ever get that piece

that I was trying to help you

fix? that piece of on top of

your um of your car? Oh yes, I

fixed it that afternoon. Quite.

it took me all of 25 seconds I

think to finish and it took me

about 10 minutes to do just a

little bit. I have the I have

the pirate hands long of

gathering the jewels. It was a

really, really hot and that's

my. Oh, okay. That must be


Yeah. Alright. What do what do

we have on top for the this

evening's episode of Stories

and Myths? Well, we are going

to talk about JFK and what he

meant to American history and

all the um his assassination

and um his involvement with the

Vietnam War as well as we're

going to

be talking a little bit about

Watergate and um some things

that have happened since then.

So, that's why on this program,

we've talked about the

nineteenth century and last

week, we talked about the

eighteenth century. So, I

thought it would be good for us

to come in to the twentieth

century Uh we're just a little

behind the times. We don't

know. It's it's a show about

history so uh. Right, right.

You never know where we're

going to talk about it. Yeah.

we're not talking about


Now this is uh before before I

were born. so Yes. So what What

is our first question? So, the

first question is um it's about

JFK. You say that he ran for

president If he ran for

president today, he would be

considered a conservative and

that is how much of the country

has shifted to the left. I was

wondering if you could explain

that statement a a little

Kennedy was a cold warrior. Uh

he believed in a strong defense

of the United States. uh

Kennedy. He cut taxes. Um he

believed in um in a strong

space program and he was a very

strong um he's very strong on

free enterprise. So, across the

board, uh Kennedy had positions

that are now considered

conservative that right back

then uh you know he was

considered a centrist or even a

liberal to a certain degree and

by certain members of the

country but today, Uh his

positions are the positions of

more conservative politicians

which shows how the country has

moved politically uh far to the

left Since that time. I believe

that part of the reason is uh

to his assassination which

started a series of uh things

in the country that uh broke

down the trust of the American

people in their own government.

and uh We are now really far

down that road to the point

there is distrust on both the

um both sides of the political

spectrum and it's a major major

problem but Ronald Reagan who

was a Democrat, he was a huge

fan Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Ronald Reagan was a Democrat

for most of his life. Oh, and

what he said in the nineteen

early 1960s. I don't remember

exactly what year that he made

the switch but when people ask

him, why did you switch from

the Democratic Party to

Democratic Party to the

Republican Party? He said, I

didn't leave the Democratic

Party. The Democratic Party

left me and um so today and

even during his presidency,

people called Reagan a far

right conservative uh but

Reagan's policies were not very

different from John F.

Kennedy's policies and they

were only 20 years different

That's what is hard to even

grasp. Uh looking back in

history because it seems like

Kennedy was so far before

Reagan but it was only 20 years

and if you count his

assassination, uh it was only

uh 17 years between uh

Kennedy's assassination and and

uh Reagan's um election uh 2017

and a half but still you know

um you know

it's pretty pretty remarkable.

Uh I take that back. No Exactly

seventeen because Kennedy was

killed in November of 73 or 63

and Reagan was elected in

November, November, 8 eighty.

So, 17 years Exactly. Uh we're

talking a little bit more about

about JFK assassination. So,

what are your thoughts on that?

Was it what was it a conspiracy

theory or um was there a lone

gunman? Well, let me ask you,

what do you think because most

people have an opinion

II. honestly, don't know what

to think II. think kind of like

what we're discussing today

III, think that there was

someone who was definitely

assisted um in the shooting. I

don't know if there was

necessarily more than one

gunman. Um I did read a

fictional retelling of it by

Don Delillo called Libra which

actually um so my my thoughts

on are kind of blurred with the

fictional retelling that Don

Delillo um wrote. It's

great, great novel. Um I read

it in grad school and um so

I've I don't I'm trying to

remember which which of the

facts are that and which of

them is part of the the Libra

book but um II think if there

if there was and I think

there's at least more than one

person involved whether there's

more than one gunman. I'd, I

don't know. Okay. So, my

opinion correct me, what's

that? I said, so, correct me.

Oh, no, no, no. I mean, no one

knows for sure. Right, Right.

Based on, I I've been to the

plaza. I've been to the uh

museum I've seen the snipers

nest there uh in the book

depository, I've stood on the X

uh which Uh pretty much they're

pretty sure that that was the

spot where Kennedy was killed.

I have studied and read about

the Kennedy assassination since

I was in college uh which was a

few years ago now and uh I am

convinced that it was a

conspiracy. I'm convinced that

there were at least two gunmen