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Regent University Dean of Leadership Endorses 'Forward! The Leadership Principles of U.S. Grant'

Craig von Buseck provides insight into Grant’s leadership principles and supports his conclusions about Grant’s principles through the use of contemporary leadership theories and concepts. The Leadership Principles of Ulysses S. Grant is an excellent resource for leaders and students of leadership who wish to understand leadership through the life and accomplishments of an exemplary military leader of the mid-1800s. Also, Von Buseck’s book could be an excellent tool for contemporary leaders to conduct a 360-evaluation through subordinate/self/peer/superiors’ evaluations and follow-up discussion about how one measures up to Grant’s leadership principles. I commend Craig von Buseck’s book to anyone interested in understanding leadership. - Dr. Bruce Winston, Dean (Emeritus), Regent University School of Business and Leadership

Pre-order your copy of Forward! The Leadership Principles of Ulysses S. Grant at


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