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Maundy Thursday: A Commandment of Love

The word “Maundy” comes from the Latin for “commandment.” Jesus commands us to love in His final instructions before going to the cross.

Facing the horrific, tortuous death on the cross, Jesus primary intent was to communicate a mission of love to his disciples. People often wonder, what is Maundy Thursday?

Today, we call it the Last Supper. It would be the final time Jesus and His disciples would meet over a meal before his bloody march to Calvary. There was a heaviness in the room—a foreboding. Something sinister was afoot and both Jesus and His followers knew it.

Despite preaching a gospel of love and forgiveness, Jesus had become an increasing threat to the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem. At first, they were merely jealous of his popularity. But as His teaching began to confront their hypocrisies and their stringent legalism, Jesus went from a nuisance to an enemy in their eyes.

So as Jesus and His disciples planned to eat the Passover meal together, Caiaphas and the Jewish leaders were planning to murder Him. To find him in the night, they had recruited one of Jesus’ closest disciples, Judas Iscariot.

The trap was set, but this was all in God’s plan.

Read the full article on the Focus on the Family website.


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