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Grieving the Loss of My Dad on Father’s Day

In his final years, my father slipped into dementia and eventually struggled to remember even the simplest daily things. But he never forgot the power of the Holy Spirit working in his life.

Father’s Day is a joyous holiday where families celebrate the dad or Grandfather in their lives. But like other holidays, this yearly festivity can turn from joy to mourning after losing your father. After losing my own father, my grief is real, but it is tempered as a result of the example he gave to me and my family during his remarkable life.

While my father didn’t die of COVID, his health declined due to other issues right in the middle of the lockdown. My family was only able to visit him through Zoom. The doctors called my mom and sisters who lived nearby to say he was rapidly declining and they would allow them to be with him in his final moments. But they didn’t make it in time and Dad died without any family nearby.

I was several states away and was not able to be with my father in his final months. While I cherished our relationship in my heart, I wasn’t there to give him one final hug. This was an unexpected shock that added to the difficulty of his passing. Yet in the midst of the sorrow, heaven’s grace sustained me and my family as we said goodbye to this vibrant man of God.

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