Author of 'Israel Rising', Doug Hershey, Endorses 'I Am Cyrus'

"At a time when so much of Israeli and Jewish history is being twisted or subtly rewritten, a documented history book like this is right on time. We are in a time when biblical prophecy, history and current events are colliding in Israel and so few today seem to recognize the profound implications of what that means. For those looking into that convergence, I Am Cyrus should be on their reading list!"

Doug Hershey, Author, Israel Rising: Ancient Prophecy Modern Lens

"I Am Cyrus: Harry S. Truman and the Rebirth of Israel" Available April 22nd.

Check out the "I Am Cyrus" Facebook Page:

View an "I Am Cyrus" promo video

"I Am Cyrus" mentioned in an article in the Jerusalem Post

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