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Isik Abla - Receiving the Unconditional Love of God

Isik Abla: Receiving the Unconditional Love of God

Craig von Buseck: In your testimony you talk about the balance between your sins and your good works. When and how did the light go on for you in understanding salvation through the grace and love of God?

Isik Abla: After I became a Christian it took awhile for me to stop performing because I was so ‘works-oriented’ – only this time it was to gain good points from Jesus. So it was very tiring because I possibly served in every ministry in the local church. I became this ‘super-Christian’ and then I became this ‘super-burned-out-Christian.’ Then I came to a realization in the 4th year of my walk with Christ that I wasn’t enjoying my life. There was no joy in serving. There was no love. It was only works.

I felt duty and I felt obligated.

I remember when someone was sick at the church and needed someone to cook I was the first person to call. I ended up cooking for everyone and I couldn’t say no. I had my own family that I was neglecting. I was also neglecting my walk with the Lord and my devotional time because I was a people pleaser. I didn’t know in that process that I wasn’t pleasing God.

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