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Hearing God's Voice: Be in the Audience for the Video Recording of Craig's New Online Course

You are invited to be a part of the audience for an exciting video recording of Dr. Craig von Buseck's upcoming online course, "Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice"! He will be recording these classes on Friday, June 8th beginning at 7 p.m. and Saturday, June 9th beginning at 9 a.m. The video recording will take place at Living Destiny Church, 6204 North Military Highway in Norfolk, Virginia.

Do you want to learn to hear God's voice? Do you need to know God's direction for your life? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God? Then you don't want to miss these exciting meetings.

These video recording sessions are free and open to the public.

There will be a time of teaching from each chapter of Craig's soon-to-be-released updated book, "Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice." There will be an opportunity for questions and answers, and also for altar ministry.

Craig has updated his popular book, "Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice", adding new stories and a new format. The book will be released this summer through Ramcastle Press Publishers.

In conjunction with the book publication, Craig will also be releasing an online course through his website, This in-depth course will include the book along with these video teachings, in-depth questions for personal study, and other bonus materials. Topics include:

INTRODUCTION: Guidance Comes from Having a Relationship CHAPTER ONE: God is Love – and Love Communicates CHAPTER TWO: What are the Seven Keys to God’s Guidance? CHAPTER THREE: Tuning in to God’s Frequency CHAPTER FOUR: The Scriptures – God Speaks Through His Inspired Word CHAPTER FIVE: The Leading of the Holy Spirit CHAPTER SIX: Hearing God’s Voice Through Desires, Dreams & Visions CHAPTER SEVEN: Godly Counsel – the Wisdom and Experience of Others CHAPTER EIGHT: Peace – Reaping the Fruit of Hearing God’s Voice CHAPTER NINE: Personal Prophecy – Hearing God’s Specific Voice to You CHAPTER TEN: Confirmation – Hearing God Again, and Again, and Again CHAPTER ELEVEN: Circumstances – Hearing God in Every Day Life CHAPTER TWELVE: Truly Hearing God – Seeking the Maker of the Stars

Don't miss this special time of teaching and ministry. And bring a friend!

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