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Charisma News Features Craig's New Book on Harry S. Truman and the Rebirth of Israel

President Harry S. Truman

The story of Harry S. Truman runs in parallel with the Zionist Movement until they eventually meet as the world considered the fate of the Jews after the Holocaust.

On May 8, 1884, in the small village of Lamar, Missouri, a horse and mule trader named John Anderson Truman rejoiced with his wife, Martha, at the birth of a healthy baby boy. Three years earlier a different kind of birth occurred when Tsar Alexander II of Russia was assassinated and the authorities blamed the Jews. A major anti-Jewish pogrom swept across Russia and spread into Eastern Europe, bringing death and mayhem in its wake. As a result of this persecution, leading Jews launched a movement called Lovers of Zion, encouraging Jews to immigrate to their ancient homeland in Palestine.

This was the birth of the modern Zionist Movement.

As Israel prepares to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her rebirth watch, for the new two-volume biography on Harry Truman and the Zionist Movement from Dr. Craig von Buseck, I Am Cyrus: The Promise and I Am Cyrus: The Rebirth.

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