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Novels Show Science and God Can Co-Exist

CVB: It’s interesting because you have one foot on each side of your brain. In addition to being a writer, you are also a scientist.

Randy Dockens: It’s called a pharmacokineticist, which I know most people don’t know what that is.

CVB: But it sounds so cool.

Randy: So it’s really the mathematical interpretation of what happens when you take a drug. So it describes how it’s absorbed, how it’s distributed throughout the body, how it’s metabolized, and how it’s excluded. So it’s been a very interesting career. After graduate school, I worked for the food and drug administration for a few years and then went to a pharmaceutical company and have been working there in different types of jobs there.

CVB: So while you are still doing that, you are also writing. Tell me about your two different series of novels.

Randy: The first series is called ‘The Coded Message Trilogy.’ Just seeing the way that our world is going, it seems like God is less and less involved in our culture. So this book went to sort of a dystopian society where God was totally out of the picture. This astrophysicist is working on a Mars mission. He’s very happy with this job, but then he noticed that certain odd things seemed to be happening. He would find a discrepancy, he would report it, and the next day the discrepancy would be gone. So he was wondering what’s going on. Soon he begins to understand that the government and society is really trying to control people with mind manipulation. He finds out that he’s actually immune to that. So he becomes very dangerous to society.

CVB: And to the government, right?

Randy: And to the government.

CVB: That’s not a good place to be.

Randy: Right. So he and his friends get involved into this espionage type thing to understand what’s going on. Through all this, he first has to discover that God even exists. He had to first admit that. I wanted people to sort of understand that if you don’t believe in God, that God can still reach you. If you’re a seeking, He’s going to let you find him.

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