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Jesus in the Twitter Era

CVB: The title of your book is ‘Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine,’ and the subtitle is, ‘The Story of Jesus and How it Applies to Us in the Twitter Era.’ The interesting hook for me in your book title is the Twitter era. Tell me how you came up with this concept of the story of Jesus and how it applies in the Twitter era?

Christian Bohlen: That subtitle just evolved in the last couple of years, to be honest, but this book was 20 years in the making. As we went through the process, what became ever clearer is that the way people think and read and communicate today is dramatically different than generations before. Everything is changing. The story of Jesus in a time where the world is changing. It’s becoming a very dark and negative place. We need the firm foundation of Christ more than ever. We need to present it in a way that works for modern readers. So this book is packaged in a way that just works for the modern man. On the cover there are some millennials back-to-back on their smartphones.


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