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Conference Interview: Craig to Keynote Wordsowers Omaha Christian Writers Conference

Check out this conference interview from Angela Meyer of the Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference:

How do you deal with ‘writer’s block?”

I recognize that it doesn’t exist. Would you go to your accountant and ask him or her how they deal with ‘accounting block’? Of course not. The concept of ‘writer’s block’ is just as ridiculous. //The way to deal with the problem of difficulty in writing a story, or a book, or a screenplay is to work the problem until you find a solution. The accountant who is missing some figure will work on that dilemma until they find the answer to the problem. It is the same for a writer. Anything less is simply laziness. //Writing is work. When an obstacle reveals itself you push through until you overcome. There are days when I am more ‘inspired’ as a writer, just as there are good days for your average accountant. But every day is a work day — inspired or not.

Craig is our keynote speaker April 26-27. He will also be teaching ABC’s for Beginning Writers as well as Adapting a Book to a Screenplay.

Visit the Wordsowers Conference Website for more information and to register.

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