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Facing Death: "Peace in the Valley of the Shadow" - Craig's Devotional on

Craig during his time as a hospital chaplain.

As a hospital chaplain, I helped several people face death. Today on I share one of those stories — and how God’s grace brought peace to this person in her final moments: “Peace in the Valley of the Shadow

“Why has God done this to me?”

That question was posed to me by this angry woman lying in a hospital bed. As one of the chaplains, I was called on to meet with this lady, though I was given no information concerning what she wanted to talk about.

“I’m only in my late 50s,” she continued, “but I’m stuck in a body that’s getting weaker and weaker. While my friends are out having fun and enjoying their lives, I’m trapped in this body and in this bed.”

There are many ways I could have responded. I could have told her to “buck up” and stop complaining. I could have told her that “God works in mysterious ways.” I could have told her that she could get better if she only had enough faith. Or I could have told her that everything was going to be OK.

None of those are good responses. The best response was to listen and allow her to pour out her heart of pain.

Read the full devotional on “Peace in the Valley of the Shadow

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