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Love Never Fails: Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie Review

Joanne Whalley, Jim Caviezel, and John Lynch in 'Paul, Apostle of Christ'

Some Christians caught in Nero’s persecution were doused in oil and set on fire as torches to light the streets of Rome at night. Others were thrown to the wild beasts in what the Romans called “the Circus.”

The new movie, “Paul: Apostle of Christ,” opens in the midst of this reign of terror.

Paul (James Faulkner) is imprisoned by Nero in the infamous Mamertine Prison when Luke (Jim Caviezel), his faithful disciple and companion sneaks into the prison to give him comfort – risking his life and his freedom.

As nations, religions, and philosophies clash around the globe, the message of love demonstrated in “Paul: Apostle of Christ” is as relevant today as it was in First Century Rome.

The writing in this movie is superb. The acting is stellar – with notable performances by one of the bright lights of Hollywood, Jim Caviezel as Luke; and also by James Faulkner in the role of Paul, and Olivier Martinez as the conflicted Roman Centurion, Mauritius. Special recognition should be given to Joanne Whalley, an underappreciated Hollywood veteran who always delivers a strong performance.

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