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Craig von Buseck Video Channel

Craig von Buseck Video Channel

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7 Keys to Hearing God's Voice


How can you know you are making the right choices in life? How can you know you're doing God's will? These are the questions of the ages that are examined and answered by Dr. Craig von Buseck in Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Nobody Knows: The Harry T. Burleigh Story

This inspiring true story will take readers back in time to Southern plantations and Northern boom towns, to minstrel shows and soaring sanctuaries, and into the heart of a man who never suspected that God had destined him for greatness.

Praying The News: Your Prayers Are More Powerful Than You Know

Veteran journalists Craig von Buseck of Inspiration TV and Wendy Griffith of The 700 Club offer an unvarnished assessment of the media, as well as a comprehensive biblical plan for effective, world-changing prayer.

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What People Are Saying

"In 'I Am Cyrus: Harry S. Truman and the Rebirth of Israel', Craig von Buseck shows us how God put all the right people in place at the right time, including an American president, to pull off the impossible. A thrilling read!"

Wendy Griffith

Co-Host of The 700 Club

"Your interview today with Angela Breidenbach on Lit up! was very insightful. I am fascinated with the way you take relevant portions of history that we often forget or do not know and apply it today. I will be looking for your book about President Truman."

Mark Moss


"Mr. von Buseck's book, Nobody Knows, reads like a good novel, and yet he balances this colorful historical narrative with reliable scholarship.".

David Teems


"Craig is on the front lines of our culture extending his heart and hand to helping others while having a vision for the generations yet to come."

Gail McWilliams

Motivational Speaker

"NetCasters' well-researched and visionary coverage, interviews and case studies are indispensable to anyone needing to understand the nature of the new media and how to use them effectively to share the good news."

Tony Whittaker

Internet Evangelist

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