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Jim Goll: Never Alone

Well-known Bible teacher James Goll grew up a singer before he was ever a preacher. Now he has returned to his roots with a special musical album, Never Alone.

“Growing up in rural Missouri, singing was my lifeline. Whether it was performing at church or school functions, arranging choral sounds or bellowing forth as a soloist, singing was truly my delight. Eventually I became a wedding singer and even sang with my bride at our own wedding ceremony.”

Although best known as a Bible teacher and the prolific author of more than 40 books, the 65-year-old was a singer long before he was a preacher. With the recent release of his debut music CD, Never Alone, Goll has added a dynamic new facet to his ministry.

Many who have read Goll’s books might have thought he would have recorded a worship album, but he felt God leading him in a different direction. The result is an album of inspirational music designed to lift the heart and soul. This CD, filled with carefully selected staples from the American music archive, tells his story of life, love, family, and devotion to God.

“My dear, amazing wife graduated to be with the Lord in September of 2008. We were married for 32 and ½ years and then I became a single dad of four. I also went through nine years of non-Hodgkins lymphoma 3 times – and the third time was life and death. So my life went through a lot of shaking.”

“I had to work on reconstructing my life. I had never missed a bill in my life, but now I had more than $300,000 worth of medical debt from both her and me going through these intense cancer treatments. So there are some mysteries that are in God. I’ve learned to keep my hand on the plow, look straight ahead, and not over my shoulder, and just keep worshipping.”

“That worship piece for me is also a singing piece,” Goll explains. “The title Never Alone is really about my life’s journey. It’s about rediscovering life after tragedy. It was a really difficult time, and one of the therapeutic tools God used to help me heal was singing.”

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