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Fun and Powerful Morning Prayers with Your Kids

Prayer is a powerful thing that many people in this world either downplay, disregard, or simply don’t understand. That attitude changes when you realize that prayer for family is not only a religious ritual, but a conversation with Almighty God—something that not only builds your relationship with Him but can also have a tremendous impact on the life of your family.

When my children were in grade school, almost every morning we put on the armor together in prayer. This was not only a way to pray protection, but it is an excellent way to creatively teach the concepts of Biblical Christianity to your children while they are young.

I’ll share the special way that we did it so you can use it as a guide for your family. You can adjust the prayer to meet your own preferences and needs.

Paul goes on to list the specific parts we need for our spiritual armor. In giving these instructions, he is not merely using metaphorical language as some would lead us to believe. The war in the heavens is all too real. We ignore this spiritual conflict at our peril.

Why would Paul tell us to dress for battle and give us the list of the specific articles of our spiritual armor if the battle in question was just symbolic?

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