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Best Selling Author, David Teems, Endorses Victor!

With his usual mastery of investigation, as precise as it is complete and well-executed, once again Dr. Craig von Buseck has given us something spectacular in his new book, Victor: The Final Battle of Ulysses S. Grant, on the post-Civil War post-presidential life of Ulysses S. Grant. Many of us are familiar with the image of the plain-spoken, no-frills, cigar-smoking Union general with dust on his boots, including the legends that attend the name, but von Buseck introduces us to a Grant we may not be aware of—the civilian Grant, the plain-clothed Grant whose integrity and true largeness never wavered, whether in success or in failure. And, indeed, Grant failed spectacularly. But it is Grant’s response to failure and ruin that is the real proof of the man. It is this astounding humanity that von Buseck brings to the surface, that explores a greatness of perhaps a higher kind. In an age of celebrity, when too often spectacle trumps substance, and spin outshouts truth, Dr. von Buseck’s book provides proper medication and perspective. I also applaud Dr. von Buseck for how deliciously readable this book is. — David Teems, best-selling author of Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible and Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice.

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