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When Drag Racing Met Country Music -- Craig with Terri Lynn Schmidt.

Terri Lynn Schmidt - When Drag Racing Met Country Music

Craig von Buseck: Let’s go back to the beginning. You were originally from Dallas, but you came to Nashville to pursue a career in singing.

Terri Lynn Schmidt: That’s right – in fact it was right here at Opryland USA.

CVB: So, tell me about the early success you had here in Nashville.

Terri: I performed in a show called Country Music USA. With Nashville being the heart of country music, our show was hired to perform for large industrial conventions that were held here at the hotel in the presidential ballroom. So being here brings back a lot of memories. We also performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

CVB: Then you also did some traveling to sing for the troops, right?

Terri: Yes, it was through the Department of Defense. A group called “Flight.” The Department of Defense allows large groups to come and perform for the military in different places where American troops are stationed around the world. We traveled to Honduras, Panama, and Cuba.

CVB: So, when did Harry Schmidt come into your life?

Terri: It was in 1986. We met at a water fountain. In between my years of living here in Nashville and going back home to Dallas for a season, we met in an office building. His office was on the second floor and I was working part time in an office on the bottom floor.

CVB: So, it was a water cooler conversation? Did you go on to dinner after that? (laughter)

Terri: Yes, and I’ve written a chapter about this in my book, about our meeting, our two totally different backgrounds – and how our lives came together.

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