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Doug Hershey, author of "Israel Rising: Ancient Prophecy, Modern Lens"

Doug Hershey and Craig von Buseck

Craig von Buseck: The ancient prophecy in Ezekiel chapter 36 is the theological basis for your book. How did this passage of Scripture come to life for you to draw you to Israel?

Doug Hershey: It’s one of those things where you can read a Scripture passage one or two times and it doesn’t really grab you until it’s the right season, or the right time in your life. That passage in Ezekiel never really grabbed me until I started traveling through Israel many years ago. I started noticing how the country was rapidly developing. As I drove through the countryside I recognized the new pastures, or buildings, or vineyards. So I just happen to be reading through Ezekiel chapter 36 again, and I thought, “wait a minute, I think this is what I’m seeing.”

So I started that whole process of biblical interpretation, recognizing that this prophecy was 2,600 years ago. I asked, has there ever been a time since Ezekiel’s prophecy that this could have been fulfilled. That started the whole journey. Is this the time and season these prophetic words come to pass? Are we really seeing the Bible coming to life here?

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