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Isik Abla: Craig's "Seven Keys" Teaches Shortcuts to Hearing God

Isik Abla: Seven Keys Teaches Shortcuts to Hearing God

As a new Muslim covert, when I first came to Christ I was not familiar with the voice of God. The church I attended didn’t teach about hearing from God. The Holy Spirit wasn’t emphasized. Then to my surprise, I started hearing God’s inner voice. I was hearing His gentle whisper and it was very sweet. But I didn’t know how to continue my relationship with Him.

I didn’t know how to grow without any teaching or discipleship tool that would help me. I felt lost.

Then I started attending a new church that taught from the Word of God about the Holy Spirit as a Person of the Trinity. I started highlighting in my Bible that He is the Spirit of truth. He is the Comforter. He is the Counselor. The Holy Spirit will tell you, Jesus said, what you need to say.

I started reading and praying the Word of God, and inviting the Holy Spirit to come, in Jesus’ name.

I didn’t know how to seek and find the guidance of God and know His will for my life. But I learned through various Bible teachers and by reading God’s Word. This helped me and I started hearing His voice in my inner being. But I had no idea how to go deeper with Him through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In time I have learned to pay attention to that small whisper and obey it.

I wish I had read Craig’s book, Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice at the very beginning of my walk. It would have given me the help I needed at that time. I needed to learn how recognize God’s voice, and how to separate it from the other voices we hear. It took me many years to learn the truths that Craig teaches in this powerful work.

Many times we wonder about God’s will for us and feel lost in our walk with Christ. Hearing God’s voice and obeying that voice are two different things. A lot of believers have a hard time hearing the voice of God – and many have difficulty obeying His voice. Discernment is lacking in the Body of Christ and we are living times where it is most needed and important. Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice provides clear help and guidance to every believer to distinguish God’s will from their own.

This book teaches the short cuts – I would call these the answers I was seeking for so many years. It teaches the basic principles of abiding in Him; knowing how to hear God’s voice; and learning how to seek His will and guidance. Dr. Craig von Buseck explains that when we pray and abide in Jesus we will start to hear from Him more clearly and He will direct our path in the best way.

Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice teaches us how to put the Word of God into practice. The guidance this book provides will make a life-long impact in every believer’s life.

Isik Abla Founder & President of Isik Abla Ministries TV

Social Media Evangelist to the Muslim World

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