New Book Release in August: Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice

Coming in August of 2018: Seven Keys to Hearing God's Voice, by Dr. Craig von Buseck.

Can You Hear God’s Voice?

How can you know you are making the right choices in life? How can you know you’re doing God’s will? These are the questions of the ages that are examined and answered by Dr. Craig von Buseck in Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.

If you ever thought it is impossible to hear God speaking to you, rest assured, He created you with the ability to hear Him. You have at your disposal seven key indicators to aid you in having daily communication with God.

No, it’s not crazy to hear the voice of God – it’s a promise from the Bible that we can claim as our birthright of faith. Jesus declared: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27, ESV).

Life is a never-ending series of choices, but you can know whether you are making the right decisions. How? By learning to use the Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.

Dr. Craig von Buseck is a published author and Editor of Content for, the official website of Inspiration Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also a contributing writer for,, MTL Magazine, and He holds a Doctor of Ministry and an MA in Religious Journalism from Regent University.

Craig is a multi-published author. His recent books include “Nobody Knows: The Harry T. Burleigh Story” and "Praying the News: Your Prayers Are More Powerful than You Know", co-written by 700 Club co-host Wendy Griffith.

Craig is also a popular speaker at conferences, professional events, churches, and writer training meetings.

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