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"Now I'm missing him..." A reader shares her experience reading 'Nobody Knows'

I finished reading "Nobody Knows... about Harry T. Burleigh," and you brought Harry so much back to life through your wonderful book, that now I'm missing him. I kid you not!

Likewise, I more fully understand why your son, David, once asked you, "Dad, how long is Harry Burleigh going to live with us?" ... while you are working on this book to share this somewhat obscure man's life story.

Thanks to how interesting, well-written, organized, and easy to follow the book was, I often found myself waking up and reading a chapter or two, somewhere between 4:30 - 7:30 a.m. Then, I had to discipline myself to put the book down to get a few more ZZZs before I had to really get up and start my day.

Kudos to you for how well you shared many aspects of Harry T. Burleigh and his ancestor's life, both highs and lows. The book is so well-written that I could literally almost visualize myself standing nearby as an eye-witness while reading about different events that occurred in his life.

At times, the dialogue sounded like it was perfect for a movie script. I'd love to see a film producer bring this story to life even more via a movie, video, or perhaps a play.

I also loved the way that the timeline of Harry and his ancestors are clearly laid out up front, as well as the years throughout the book. That greatly helps readers easily follow his life from beginning to end.

Again, Kudos to you for the great writing, research, laying out, and presenting of Harry T. Burleigh's life in "Nobody Knows." I truly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend others read it as well! - Valerie

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